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I am using an iMac (OS X - 10.10.5 - Yosemite) - I have no problem with the IDE platform - however now trying the Web Editor - it does not detect the Arduino Uno I have plugged into the USB port. I get the message that you see in the subject line.

SO the IDE will work on the MAC and can see the Arduino without any problem - but using the Web Editor ( with Safari) - I cannot seem to get it to recognise/find the connected board.

Any tips on how I might get the Web Editor to find the board ?

Many Thanks


Am not a MAC person but moved you to the correct section so you can look for similar posts.

Usually its a permissions problem on mac's

Have you downloaded and installed the Plugin for Safari?

Also, you might want to check system.log to see if there are any errors. You can view this from command line or via the Console app.

Command line

tail -f /var/log/system.log