No Plugin Connection

The plugin installed correctly, and icon at bottom right shows blue, not greyed, so seemingly all is fine. But when I go to:, the yellow pop-up keeps coming up: "No Plugin Connection. Uploading is disabled until you reconnect."

I have tried re-download, re-install, re-open browser and all, still the same issue.

Pls help!

The icon itself is not always an indicator of a proper install.

A little more information might help too. For that purpose I need you to read this post and then you can come back to add whats missing. That will help us to help you.

What more information is needed? We did everything to install correctly, checked the firewall, all the basic googling. The least you could do is refer us to a link more helpful than "how to use the forum"


Clearly you dont have a problem as you have not included anything other than saying you installed it correctly. If you read that post then you would know what other information is useful.

However there are a few other "PINNED" posts at the top of this forum section. Reading them may or may not help you its hard to tell without details.

But please create your OWN post rather than resurrect one from 2017.