No plugin Connection

Hello, I have tried several times already following all the steps of installation and setup for the pligins in order to use the Arduino editor page to start my project, the logo of the plugin shows normal in the “activated state”, the plugin is runing but the arduino editor won’t recognize it, it just keep looking for it, I triyed to skip the step, and directly try the coding page, but the message shows up again, “No Plugin Connection. Uploading is disabled until you reconnect”, I tryed re-installing the plugins, i tryed rebuting the chrome explorer and my pc, I triyed isntalling in a different path than the default and nothing work, it just won’t recognize the plugin, what can i do in this case?

My pc:
Toshiba A660.
Win10 x64_i5.

Google Chrome
Version 62.0.3202.89 (Official Build) (64-bit).

Plugin Agent version:


Thank you in advance.


I forgot to mention that the plugins are allowed by the firewall I double check, so…still don’t know what the problem may be :confused:

You could try running CREATE in an INCOGNITO window to make sure you browser itself is not the issue.

If you have any other security eg. antivirus or similar you might want to disable that just for testing.

Make sure you are using USB 2.0 ports too as some USB 3.0 implementations do and can cause issues.

Are you sure you also said YES to the certificate install as that is crucial to the whole process ?