No port for Nano RP2040 Connect even after installing Blink UF2

Hello, I have similar problem, my RP2040Connect(with my program) suddenly stop working and no com port showing in my Windows 10.
I have tried all the suggested procedures:

  • reset the board (double press reset)
  • reset with GND and REC jumper
  • copy and paste the blink sketch to mass storage. the file copied to the mass storage disappears, but RP2040 does not start to blink and no com port to upload programs can be seen.
    Resetting the board only opens E: storage in Windows.
    So what to do now ? I got my board in June 2021.

Hi @heikkiw. I think it might be this problem:

What is QSPI_CSn ? I don't see such pin in RP204 Connect ?

It's a more technical term for the pin labeled "REC" on the board's silkscreen:

Well, I have already done that gnd-REC connection, but nothing happens, only mass storage drive will be seen, and copying *.uf2 files there. The file gets deleted but no leds start to blink, only green power led is on

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