No ports appear on Arduino IDE Windows

The port option under tools is grayed out, you can't select any port on my arduino IDE. I have an Arduino Nano (genuine) with the ATMEGA328 chip. I have board set to "Arduino Nano" and Processor set to "ATmega328P". When plugged into PC for the first time it was detected as an arduino and driver was installed. In device manager it shows up under 'Other Devices' as 'FT232R USB UART'.

Things I've tried:

  • Going to device manager and using arduino/drivers folder to install driver.
  • Trying a different usb cable

As a side note, I also have a Macbook Pro which I tested the exact same code on and not only was the arduino detected under ports, but it also uploaded. The windows machine I'm testing it on is a Gigabyte AERO 15 Classic-SA-F74ADW

Take a look at and follow the steps outlined there.

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