No power on output pins

Hi folks!

I am trying to make a fail-save receiver for my RC airplane using the Arduino Pro mini. However, I am having a problem with this board. For some reason it does not have any output power. For example, if I set one of the digital pins to HIGH I can verify with a multi-meter or oscilloscope the output voltage is indeed 5V but when I connect anything to it the voltages drops immediately. For example, when I connect a 10K resistor to a port the voltage drops from 5V to below 1V. I can not even drive a LED with this board. Even the build in led on pin 13 does not light up.

Maybe I'm just doing something wrong? I also have a Arduino Duemilanove and with that board it works just fine. When I'm uploading my sketch I do see the build in LED on pin 13 flashing, but when I drive it from my sketch I can only see a tiny green spot lighting up. This is the same when powered via USB, 7V RAW input or 5V VCC input.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

LOL I'm been puzzling over this for a while, and a couple of minutes after I post my question it occurs to me I forgot to set the pinMode for the pins as output pins. I've added this to the sketch and it works fine now ;D

Beat me to the draw!