No Programmer erro

I am attempting to use neopixels with a Flora (from a Mac). I'm running through the tutorials to teach myself, but when I get to downloading a test (e.g. the Demo Code from the Flora tutorial), I get the following error.

avrdude: no programmer has been specified on the command line or the config file Specify a programmer using the -c option and try again

I didn't see any reference to setting a Programmer. I've tried various options in that menu, but to no avail. I was at the point of testing the neopixel on the Flora itself.

Help would be appreciated.

The problem can be caused by using Arduino IDE 1.6.8 or previous with Arduino AVR Boards 1.6.12 or 1.6.14. They are incompatible. You can fix it by either:

  • Updating to a version of the Arduino IDE newer than 1.6.8.
  • Install a version of Arduino AVR Boards other than 1.6.12 or 1.6.14 via Boards Manager.

I have fixed the issue causing the backwards incompatibility so this issue will not occur with Arduino AVR Boards 1.6.15 and upwards.

Thanks! That allowed me to download the program and I now get the pixel to light up!! Exciting for a new user.

I did reinstall the software today, but I believe I was using the link from the tutorial, and so it was probably taking me to an older version.

I tested my first neo pixel now, and it worked as well!

Thanks so much.