Hi everybody,

Is posible dont read the source code after we burn the ATMEGA328 to protect the software code ?

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You can't read source from any AVR, unless YOU put it there deliberately.

The source is not stored, and you can't really get back to source from the binary, just copy it onto other boards as is.

The compiled binary is. You can block that from being read using the lockbits (this effectively means you're going to be programming it via ICSP, and probably manually setting the lockbits after uploading; recall that most programming processes read the flash back to verify it. Obviously you can't do that if you've turned off reading the flash). Anyway, the datasheet describes the functionality of the lockbits.

We always get questions like this; almost always asked long before the person asking has developed the skills to write code anyone would bother stealing.

Thanks a lot.

I will get info about lockbits in the reference that you have said to me.

I have developed in several languages and I know the hard work of stay sit in front on PC for months so I want protect my little work for some time.

Best regards and thanks again.