No response from Diecimila to Blinkm sketch

New member here getting ready to dive in over my head.
I have an understanding of the Arduino and have uploaded examples but can not get my Diecimila to respond to my Blinkm Communicator sketch.
Would anybody like to take a shot at it?
Here is the reply with the “static void…(byte from, byte to,” line in Yellow.

// each call to twi_writeTo() should return 0 if device is there
// or other value (usually 2) if nothing is at that address
static void BlinkM_scanI2CBus(byte from, byte to,
void(*callback)(byte add, byte result) )
byte rc;
byte data = 0; // not used, just an address to feed to twi_writeTo()
for( byte addr = from; addr <= to; addr++ ) {
rc = twi_writeTo(addr, &data, 0, 1);
callback( addr, rc );