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I'm using Sparkfun ProMicro card. The design purposes are:

  1. Set PWM output, based on specific command string , sent by PC serial terminal, and received by card serial.
  2. Send acknowledge message via serial.

In some serial monitors, no acknowledge is received by PC although command itself is applied. In other monitors, including Aduino IDE built in monitor, the functionality is complete both ways.

Relevant code quotations:

void setup() {
while (!Serial);
void loop() {
if (Serial.available() > 0) {
stMsg = Serial.readString();
strpos = stMsg.indexOf(txt);
if(strpos >= 0){
gg = stMsg.substring(strpos + 3);
PWM_val = gg.toInt();
stEcho = stMsg.charAt(strpos +2);
stEcho = stEcho+"="+PWM_val;
analogWrite(PWM_UVA_pin, PWM_val);

Thank you for suggestions,

Please read this: How to get the best out of this forum - Using Arduino / Networking, Protocols, and Devices - Arduino Forum

You should supply all the code, including the includes and variable declarations, formatted using ctrl-T in the Arduino IDE and enclosed within a code block (use the </> ) button.

What other monitors are you using that do not work?

Please post your complete code; this does not compile.

Do you mean terminal programs? Can you give some examples of ones that 'behave' as expected and ones that don't.

Also provide some example data that you send.

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