No Response from Push Buttons on Arduino Beat Sequencer

Hey everybody, I’ve been working on a beat sequencing controller to be interfaced to Max/MSP and have been having some issues with my push buttons on the board. I have posted my code, my circuit schematic, and two links below to give details as to what I have been using.

So initially ,as can be seen in link [1], I had a controller with nine separate pushbuttons (one for workspace functionality and eight for beat functionality) configured in a PDN setting with one end of a button connected to a 5V source and the other connected to a 10kohm resistor connected to ground. This was causing noise errors so I switched to a schematic which entailed using the internal PUPs of the digital inputs. So now every push button has one end connected to ground and the other connected to a digital input to utilize the internal source and PUP resistor. Since doing this noise issues have been removed.

The logic of a button press is simple…

  1. Button is pressed
  2. bounce2 algorithm makes sure button has been pressed for adequate time ([2])
  3. State of the button is now low, println “2 x” (or “23 1” if the workspace button is pressed) to the serial line (x being the number corresponding to the specific button)

So this generally works for the workspace button and beat button 0, but for whatever reason I am getting no response from beat buttons 1-7; Nothing is being printed when I press buttons 1-7. I have rechecked my wires, rechecked my code, and tried switching out buttons/placing the buttons on different breadboard lines but to no avail. Can anyone give me help or offer some insight as to why these buttons aren’t working? I thought that maybe the buttons or lines could have gotten burnt out from the last configuration but my experiments proved that this wasn’t the case.

[1] Discussion one on controller issues

[2] bounce2 Arduino Library

receiverCode3.ino (7.16 KB)

const int beatPin[] = {0, 1,

Isn't that a problem for serial comms?

What do you mean, what's the problem with that? It seems to work for the first button why wouldn't it work for the rest???

I mean, you've got serial comms on pins zero and one. How are you expecting to use them for digital inputs?

I am not 100% sure on what you're saying but what I believe you are saying is that in the case of wireless serial communication I need those. If this is the case I think you are mistaken on my intention. By serial communication I meant that if the trigger happens my trigger prints a notification to the serial line. My Max software just reads off the serial line. Is that an issue though?

Oh shit, is this what you are saying. That I can't print to the serial line and use 0 and 1 as inputs?

[Edit] Well I just shifted all of my beat pins down to start at 2 to go up to 9 and it still has the same problem.