No Rule Error (Examples via Command Line)

I have a new install of 0017 and having issue with command line compiling. I took that Makefile from 0017 and put it in same dir as one of the examples. The Makefile has been slightly modified (details can be provided if needed). I tried two examples and they generate the same output:

AnalogWriteMega % make
# Here is the "preprocessing".
# It creates a .cpp file based with the same name as the .pde file.
# On top of the new .cpp file comes the WProgram.h header.
# At the end there is a generic main() function attached.
# Then the .cpp file will be compiled. Errors during compile will
# refer to this new, automatically generated, file. 
# Not the original .pde file you actually edit...
test -d applet || mkdir applet
echo '#include "WProgram.h"' > applet/AnalogWriteMega.cpp
cat AnalogWriteMega.pde >> applet/AnalogWriteMega.cpp
cat /home/johnr/incoming/arduino-0017/hardware/cores/arduino/main.cxx >> applet/AnalogWriteMega.cpp
make: *** No rule to make target `/home/johnr/incoming/arduino-0017/hardware/cores/arduino/wiring_serial.o', needed by `applet/core.a'.  Stop.

Any ideas?

I have this problem as well, don't have any ideas on what to do about it. :(

Remove wiring_serial.cpp (or wiring_serial.c, I forget which) from the Makefile.