no Rx/Tx activity

Arduino Mega2560R3 and WinXp

There is no Rx/Tx activity. Never.

Arduino softwer:
Start Upload --- timeout
Start Bootloader load --- avrdude: usbdev_open(): did not find any USB device "usb"

Hardwer/devices/Ports/Arduino Mega 2560 (COM8) I can see, if board is conect

I can program the board via ICSP under arduino softwer by AVRISP_MKII

Usb port looks like OK. More other hardwer works - pendrive, camera, printer, scanner....

This arduinoboard with other computer with WinXp --- works well.

Can You Help?

If you've uploaded this board via ICSP, did you then go back and burn a bootloader to it?

My Englis is very poor....

My board dos'nt work, first time... Rx/Tx Led no activity.
L= 13LED flash and ON Led Too. I can reload from arduino softwer by extern programmer upload.

I think there is no firmware on m16U2 or/and there is no bootloader on mega2560.
I read howto and etc.

I load the firmware to m16U2 and bootkoader to mega2560 - by ICSP with AVRISP-MKII

There is no Rx/Tx LED activity.

Maybe hardwer? I conect the FLIP -only test- later firmware upload works, and there is Rx/Tx activity. Hardwer looks like OK. Only with FLIP Rx/Tx activity.


I try a another computer, and I see arduino works normal.

Back. When conect to USB port - Devices/Ports come arduino mega r3 (com8) - OK
But arduino softwer do not communikat with arduino board.

USBWiev dump the two PC all the same.
The PC what I use, works, USB use every other hardwer. But something is wrong.

I hope I gave answer.

Thanks :slight_smile: George :slight_smile:

Now I understood Yours question...

"If you've uploaded this board via ICSP, did you then go back and burn a bootloader to it?"

Yes I went to back and a bootloader burn in ..... but I have only by ICSP succes. From arduino1.04 Tools/bootloader upload can not.

I got a next log:

C:Avr .... avrdude.conf -v -v -v -v -patmega2560 -cstk500v2 Pusb -e -Ulock:w:0x3F:m -Uefuse:w:0xFD:m Uhfuse:w:0xD8:m Ulfuse:0xFF:m



Using Port : usb
Using programmer: stk500v2
avrdude: usb_dev:open(): did not find any USB device "usb"

After the blink UPLOAD from arduino softwer works.
Bootloader burn from arduino does not works.

An other computer -what I use- the Rx/Tx has no aktivity

Please help, if you can -thanks

So, you can burn a bootloader to it with ICSP?

-- Disconnect ICSP
-- Open "Blink" sketch

-- Tools
Arduino Mega 2560

-- Tools
Serial Port
(serial port # 2560 is connected to)

-- Click 'Upload' button

a) works
b) does not work


-- I connect the board to the USB
-hardwer/device manager/ports/Arduino Mega 2560 (COM8) -- comes up
-On LED = light
-L LED = flash
-- Start Arduino1.04
-tools/board/Arduini Mega 2560 or Mega ADK
-tools/serial port/COM8
-Open "Blink" sketch
-Click 'Upload' button

does not work

error messige = timeout

Thanks again

Maybe your "8U2" "16U2" has been corrupted.
That is not easy to do, but I think that it has happened.

Have you tried the "loop-back" test?,73748.0.html

Loop-back test dos not work.

No Rx/Tx Led activity.

When Flip works, tehere is Rx/Tx activity


Loop-back test dos not work.
No Rx/Tx Led activity.

That's a telling thing.

When Flip works, tehere is Rx/Tx activity

What is "Flip"?

Is this a genuine Arduino "Mega" or is it a "clone"?
Is it New or did you get it from somebody else (Used)?

  • What is "Flip"?

This is the Flip.

You can upload via USB by the FLIP sofwer, to the m16U2 ( or another atmel USB chip ) a hex file -"firmware" -- without any programmer.

  • This board is new, from ebay saler tolks official, but maybe clone

Maybe there's lack of continuity with the USB connector (broken solder, bad contacts)?
[Running out of ideas...]

I don't have any info on re-flashing the 16U2, if that's required.

You many need to check the if the resistor network (RN4A, RN4B see schematic) is damaged between the 16U2 and mega2560 for the Tx/Rx pins.

Someone had similar symptoms with an Uno.

Many thanks!
I will try and answer after week end.

I checked the arduino board.
It's looks like OK.
I conected an other PC and the arduino works!
I cheked my computer's USB, and works with printer, scanner etc. and AVRISP_MKII too.

Can You give me advice? Many thanks!