no Rx/Tx activity

Arduino Mega2560R3 and WinXp

There is no Rx/Tx activity. Never.

Arduino softwer:
Start Upload — timeout
Start Bootloader load — avrdude: usbdev_open(): did not find any USB device “usb”

Hardwer/devices/Ports/Arduino Mega 2560 (COM8) I can see, if board is conect

I can program the board via ICSP under arduino softwer by AVRISP_MKII

Usb port looks like OK. More other hardwer works - pendrive, camera, printer, scanner…

This arduinoboard with other computer with WinXp — works well.

Can You Help?

If you've uploaded this board via ICSP, did you then go back and burn a bootloader to it?

My Englis is very poor…

My board dos’nt work, first time… Rx/Tx Led no activity.
L= 13LED flash and ON Led Too. I can reload from arduino softwer by extern programmer upload.

I think there is no firmware on m16U2 or/and there is no bootloader on mega2560.
I read howto and etc.

I load the firmware to m16U2 and bootkoader to mega2560 - by ICSP with AVRISP-MKII

There is no Rx/Tx LED activity.

Maybe hardwer? I conect the FLIP -only test- later firmware upload works, and there is Rx/Tx activity. Hardwer looks like OK. Only with FLIP Rx/Tx activity.


I try a another computer, and I see arduino works normal.

Back. When conect to USB port - Devices/Ports come arduino mega r3 (com8) - OK
But arduino softwer do not communikat with arduino board.

USBWiev dump the two PC all the same.
The PC what I use, works, USB use every other hardwer. But something is wrong.

I hope I gave answer.

Thanks :slight_smile: George :slight_smile:

Now I understood Yours question...

"If you've uploaded this board via ICSP, did you then go back and burn a bootloader to it?"

Yes I went to back and a bootloader burn in ..... but I have only by ICSP succes. From arduino1.04 Tools/bootloader upload can not.

I got a next log:

C:Avr .... avrdude.conf -v -v -v -v -patmega2560 -cstk500v2 Pusb -e -Ulock:w:0x3F:m -Uefuse:w:0xFD:m Uhfuse:w:0xD8:m Ulfuse:0xFF:m



Using Port : usb Using programmer: stk500v2 avrdude: usb_dev:open(): did not find any USB device "usb"

After the blink UPLOAD from arduino softwer works. Bootloader burn from arduino does not works.

An other computer -what I use- the Rx/Tx has no aktivity

Please help, if you can -thanks

So, you can burn a bootloader to it with ICSP?

– Disconnect ICSP
– Open “Blink” sketch

Arduino Mega 2560

Serial Port
(serial port # 2560 is connected to)

– Click ‘Upload’ button

a) works
b) does not work


-- I connect the board to the USB -hardwer/device manager/ports/Arduino Mega 2560 (COM8) -- comes up -On LED = light -L LED = flash -- Start Arduino1.04 -tools/board/Arduini Mega 2560 or Mega ADK -tools/serial port/COM8 -Open "Blink" sketch -Click 'Upload' button

does not work

error messige = timeout

Thanks again

Maybe your "8U2" "16U2" has been corrupted. That is not easy to do, but I think that it has happened.

Have you tried the "loop-back" test?,73748.0.html

Loop-back test dos not work.

No Rx/Tx Led activity.

When Flip works, tehere is Rx/Tx activity


noduino: Loop-back test dos not work. No Rx/Tx Led activity.

That's a telling thing.

noduino: When Flip works, tehere is Rx/Tx activity

What is "Flip"?

Is this a genuine Arduino "Mega" or is it a "clone"? Is it New or did you get it from somebody else (Used)?

  • What is "Flip"?

This is the Flip.

You can upload via USB by the FLIP sofwer, to the m16U2 ( or another atmel USB chip ) a hex file -"firmware" -- without any programmer.

  • This board is new, from ebay saler tolks official, but maybe clone

Maybe there's lack of continuity with the USB connector (broken solder, bad contacts)? [Running out of ideas...]

I don't have any info on re-flashing the 16U2, if that's required. (Sorry.)

You many need to check the if the resistor network (RN4A, RN4B see schematic) is damaged between the 16U2 and mega2560 for the Tx/Rx pins.

Someone had similar symptoms with an Uno.,162953.msg1217554.html#msg1217554

Many thanks! I will try and answer after week end.

I checked the arduino board. It's looks like OK. I conected an other PC and the arduino works! I cheked my computer's USB, and works with printer, scanner etc. and AVRISP_MKII too.

Can You give me advice? Many thanks!