No scroll bar when trying to scroll library, board and debug manager panel

Windows 10, 20H2 Build 19042.844
DELL Latitude E7470

When moving the mouse over where the scroll bar should be for scrolling down the lists of Board, Library and Debug panel the bar does not appear. However, once the mouse is placed into the panel and pressing the down arrow key the scroll bar becomes visible and can then be clicked on and used to scroll the window

Hi @rohowo. Thanks for reporting this bug!

I can also reproduce this. I notice the scroll bar also appears when the mouse scroll wheel is used when hovering over the panel. After the scroll bar is first forced to appear for each side bar panel, it then will appear on hover even after the panel has been closed and reopen. But then you can reproduce the issue by opening a new IDE window.

In order to bring this to the attention of the developers, please open a bug report in the official tracker here:

I already did a search to make sure it hadn't already been reported.

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