No "Select All" option in right click actions

I was surprised to find that "Select All" is not available from the right click options in the IDE

Whilst I can understand that the IDE itself is at an early stage of development, such an option is surely a basic feature of an editor that it should be available by default

I did a survey of the editors I happen to have installed on my computers and found this:

Has “Select all” context menu item:

  • Classic Arduino IDE
  • Notepad++
  • gedit

No “Select all” context menu item:

  • VS Code
  • PyCharm
  • Microchip Studio
  • LibreOffice Writer

I guess it’s not a universal convention, or maybe it was historically and that is in the process of being discarded?

This is not a numbers game, rather it is a matter of useful functionality and to me, and I suspect others, "Select All" is useful functionality and a surprising omission

It is my normal practice to have an instance of the IDE running into which I can copy/paste user code from the forum for examination. My usual set of actions for this is to click Select on the code window in the forum (or to select the code if a code block has not been used), right click and copy the code to the clipboard. Then switch to the IDE window, right click in the code area, click Select All, right click again and click Paste to delete the current code and paste the copied code into the IDE. Usually I will then right click again and choose Auto Format. All of this without taking my hand from the mouse

In contrast, if I do the same thing using a mixture of keyboard and mouse, as the new IDE editor requires, it is a mixture of mouse and keyboard actions which I would like to avoid

Something to understand is that nobody at Arduino made a conscious decision regarding whether to leave off “Select All…” from the context menu in Arduino IDE 2.x. I’m sure it was the same for adding it to the classic Arduino IDE.

That UI element happened to be provided by the technology the classic Arduino IDE was built on (likely RSyntaxTextArea) and not provided by the technology Arduino IDE 2.x was built on (likely Monaco Editor, but it might be Theia or Electron).

But that’s not to say it can’t be added. The developers have already done some amazing things to the UI to bring it inline with the classic IDE. So you’re welcome to submit a feature request for it here:

Something to understand is that nobody at Arduino made a conscious decision regarding whether to leave off "Select All..." from the context menu in Arduino IDE 2.x

I completely understand that and will put in a feature request

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