No Slave mode with 101 ?!?!?!

I just read that slave mode I2C is not supported by the Arduino/Genuino 101 hardware.

Why?? Why why why???

Why?? Why why why???

The linked page says the reason: the hardware does not support it. Why do you need it? If you explain your project we may find another solution.

Thanks for the reply Pylon. I'm am attempting to send an BLE RSSI value from multiple 101's to determine which one is closest to an iBeacon. My plan was to route the value from each 101 using I2C to an Arduino Uno which would then do the calculations (and report the result via Serial during prototyping). Is this still possible via I2C's read/write functions (instead of slave/master)?

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!

The max. feasible bus length of an I2C bus (without special circuitry) is about 0.5m. As this distance doesn't make sense for BLE beacon strength measurements I2C is probably the wrong choice anyway. I would take a look at RS-485 as this is a bus with multiple nodes too and it's able to have bus lengths of up to several kilometers. You might have to change the master from an UNO to a Leonardo to be able to report serially to a connected PC.

Pylon, thanks for the responses. I'm going to use the SoftwareSerial library for now. The distances I am working with are in fact very small.

Thanks again for the replies!

I'm going to use the SoftwareSerial library for now.

You know the drawbacks of that library? If the counterpart is not very tolerant the max. baudrate is about 9600 baud. During the sending or reception of a complete byte (10 bits) the whole processor is totally blocked (no other code running, even no interrupts!). This means if you have moderate traffic over that emulated serial interface you have practically no processing time for other tasks. SoftwareSerial is a cripple that makes sense in very few circumstances if a reliable system is expected.