No Smt Atmega328p(s) available

Is it just me or what? I cannot find any ATMEGA328p surface mount chips in stock anywhere. Lead time are at least 52+ weeks does that make sense? More than a year. Digikey mouser arrow newark all of them. Chip shortage I know but for more than a year??

There is a global chip shortage, and it is a very serious problem.

Bad. And why are lead times so long?

Maybe because a chip factory is built slowly and is very expensive.

LCSC has some in stock (I figure it's the TQFP package): ATMEGA328P-AU Microchip Tech | C14877 - LCSC Electronics

I think semiconductor manufacturing ramped down during covid and now they're catching up to supply industries that have experienced shortages; i.e. the medical equipment industry, automotive and IT of course. The problem was likely exacerbated due to increased demand for things like computers, game stations and webcams during the covid lockdowns.

Yes, it is. Expanding capacity is a challenge; one of the bottlenecks being lithography. Especially for manufacturing RAM and high end processors they use EUV these days and a single EUV lithography machine costs upwards of $350 million - mind you, that gives you just a single EUV machine, no further front end or back end equipment, which of course is also needed.

For small quantities you can try Amazon or eBay.

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