No SPI in 1.5.5 ?

Hi all!
I´m quite new to Arduinos. Initially I played around with the UNO to get a feeling how it works. Than I ran into some shortage with regards to programming memory and decided to get a DUE with more power. I downloaded the ARDUINO 1.5.5r2 and tried to start with some sample applications. I failed when I came across SPI. The library doesn´t seem to exist under version 1.5.5r2.
Most probably the biggest problem is sitting in front of this PC, but I´m really stuck at the moment.
Anyone, who might help me?
Thanks a lot in advance!

Hello VolDel,

Each Arduino IDE 1.5.x has SPI library with a couple of examples.


Files location:


Indeed, Due SPI library has an Extended functionality that exploits the SAM3X8E core allowing features like:

  • Automatic handling of the device slave selection.
  • Automatic handling of different device configurations.

More information here:

Look at Graynomad Due pinout diagram for details on the SPI connection.

You can play with or modify them according to your needs.
By the way, what SPI device you need to connect to DUE? LCD? SD reader?

Regards, Palliser

Hi Palliser!
Thank you for pointing me to the right direction! As I suspected: the biggest problem was in front of the PC! If I would have read the library reference more carefully, I should have seen the remark with regards to the DUE.
My main subject is getting the DUE into the Ethernet by means of an existing shield. I´m aware, that I need to utilize a level shifter between the shield and the DUE.
My starting point this time was a gadget I´m owning already for some months: the ConnectEVE - an LCD/touchscreen with FTDI´s FT800 controller. That needs two much memory for reasonable use with the UNO but with the DUE it offers interesting options.
Again thanks a lot!

Hi VolDel,
Arduino DUE has a buit-in Ethernet controller (EMAC). I’ve started a post of a library development but using a third-party DUE board given the degree of access to the Ethernet pins in the original DUE. So far, I have a raw library (ported from Atmel) with a simple web-server sketch that runs OK. I hope to resume the post soon and move on with an oriented Arduino Ethernet library and a couple of sample sketches. If you are interested, here the link (look a my reply #92).

Regards, Palliser

Hello VolDel,
There's a new product I've been reading about at FTDI called FT843+ADAM. The ADAM (Arduino Display Adaptor Module) is compatible with the Due, it uses the SPI bus along with 4 digitals and includes a micro SD drive. How they implement the SPI bus with FT843 display/SD reader/digital might provide useful information.