No Such File or Directory (Can't Find Include File)

I have build a project of three files.
First is the main ERIN_TEST_VL53L0X_SENSORS.ino
and two other file a .cpp and .h these are all in the same folder and have been included in the project. However when i try to compile the project I get a
No such file or Directory error for ERIN_VL53L0X_SENSORS.h

top of the main project file ERIN_TEST_VL53L0X_SENSORS.ino is following
#include <Arduino.h>
#include "ERIN_VL53L0X_SENSORS.h"

However if i supply full path it finds the include file
#include "D:\NewDev\Robots\Sensors And Drivers\ERIN_TEST_VL53L0X_SENSORS\ERIN_VL53L0X_SENSORS.h"

Any ideas please IDE is 1.8.16 compiling for Nano
many thanks imk

What is the full path to the .ino file that you are trying to compile ?

D:\NewDev\Robots\Sensors And Drivers\ERIN_TEST_VL53L0X_SENSORS\ERIN_TEST_VL53L0X_SENSORS.ino

What is your D drive? A local disk? Or something else?

local ssd