No such file or directory


I recently purchased an Arduino Yun and would like to test a webpanel with the Brigde.
I upload a test sketch via Wifi, on the sd card, the file are copied in SD/arduino/www/test and this folder contains index.html

When I go to http://arduino.local/sd/test, I always get: No such file or directory

The Arduino OS is 2.0.3
Rest API is set to 0

Do I have to upgrade the Yun? How can I know the current version of OpenWrt-Yun?

Any help will be appreciated!

try to write ""

Same problem with the IP address :frowning:
Also, I have tried to upgrade openwrt, I have placed the bin file in the root of the sd card

Nothing special happend when I reboot and go to http://arduino.local


Please help!

I have same problem