No supported board found! AVRprog version 1.40

Hi all, I found a big issue to my project. When I connect with my AVR USBASP Programmable that i bought from Cytron, it shows this message...

No supported board found! AVRprog version 1.40

Anyone can help me? I'm very appreciate for your help! Thanks. =)

Hi, I have not used anything like this so not sure what your problem is. Are you running Linux, on a Mac or Windows?

Have you looked on here :

The English appears to be from a non-native speaker but seems to be reasonable. Have you done what it says :

"After replace it, save it and close it. next, open the folder of the software arduino which you have installed at the beginning. Open Folder …\hardware\arduino. Then open the text file programmers.txt and add another 2 lines at below of the last sentence in the text file: USBasp.protocol=usbasp"

Hi buteman,

I'm using Windows. I'm not using any Arduino's kit, simple connection with Atmega32 and doing free running for LEDs. The link u shared I had read. Because I'm not using Arduino's kit so not suit for me.

By the way, is it any way to solve my problem? Or I'm mistaken with something?

Carry this on in the Microcontroller thread.