No tab adding empty .h file

In Windows IDE 2.0 I created a new and empty eeprom.h file by windows explorer. The I added the file to the IDE with sketch-add file. I found the file in the down arrow list but it did not create a tab. After clicking it in the list, the tab appeared.
Not really a bug, but strange UX.
Thanks for the new version. It rocks.

Hi @diavolothecat. Sketch > Add file is for use to add supplemental non-code files to the sketch. The files added via this UI are stored in the data subfolder of the sketch. The compiler completely ignores the contents of this folder. So it's a useful place to store things like documentation, but can't be used for code. This is the reason why the file is not shown in a tab.

This is the exact same behavior as the classic Arduino IDE.

OK. Thanks.

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There is now a formal feature request for the ability to add code files to the sketch:

Note that feature is only needed in the case where you have an existing code file. The IDE already has the capability to add new code files to the sketch. Adding new code files is done by clicking the downward pointing triangle icon at the right side of the tab bar in the IDE, then selecting "New Tab" (sketch files are represented as tabs in the IDE).