No ttyACM0 showing in Processing

I am running Ubuntu 10.10 32 bit and I am fairly new to linux. I have a arduino uno and I am running arduino-0022, processing-1.2.1. I can upload sketches to arduino and using the serial monitor in arduion-0022 and it is spitting out data. When I run processing the only port it list is ttyS0. So processing never receives and data from the arduino. Attached is picture showing that ttyACM0 is selected in arduino put port the only port listed in processing is ttyS0.

I am sure there are guys out there using arduino uno and processing. How did you get this to work.

I found a solution.

Delete the files and RXTXcomm.jar in processing-1.2.1/libraries/serial/library

Replace them with the same named files from arduino-0022/lib.

Now ttyACM0 shows and processing reads the data from arduino.