No update on second property. (oddity)

Using the following sketch Arduino Cloud

Am simply reading the floating analog values from A0 and A1

Have two items in CLOUD named Change01 and Change02.

Change01 seems to work but does display a value for A0.

Change02 just states "No data yet received"

Ideal situation is that they display the updated value they receive so that it can be acted on in some manner external from the sketch.

hi Bob

I see a completely different scenario on the shared sketch.
I guess you've changed the code.
have you figured this out?

I see you setting two int variables using analogRead but you never update test1 and test2 which are the sketch variables connected to the Thing properties.

Let me know if you have figured it out somehow or if I can help any further :slight_smile:

thank you for all the feedback, by the way


Hi. yes I know they return INT.

My bad as I meant to say the pin values are just floating themselves with nothing connected to them.
Normally they range from around 300 to 600 depending on the stray EMF so they make an ideal test function for some things as they are quite random.

Nice to meet another team member btw.

A simple list and / or examples of what can be placed in the callback would be great.
Would also be useful in other documentation / reference for users.

I can read the basic settings from the example, but a glossary would be nice.