No yaw with 6DOF library with Sparkfun IMU

I wanted to try this library because I have had problems with drift on my Sparkfun IMU (SEN-10736)

Its written for the MMA8453Q accelerometer and the Sparfun board utilizes a ADXL345 so I ported the Arduino code to use the ADXL345 lib found here

The ported code

 *      Name    : Comp6DOF_n0m1 Library Example: Yaw, Pitch, Roll                      
 *      Author  : Noah Shibley, Michael Grant, NoMi Design Ltd.                      
 *      Date    : Feb 27th 2012                                    
 *      Version : 0.1                                              
 *      Notes   : Arduino Library for compass tilt compensation and hard iron offset

#include <I2C.h>
#include <ADXL345.h>
#include <Comp6DOF_n0m1.h>
#include <HMC5883L.h> // Reference the HMC5883L Compass Library
#include <Wire.h>

ADXL345 accel;
Comp6DOF_n0m1 sixDOF;
HMC5883L compass;

// Record any errors that may occur in the compass.
int error = 0;

void setup()

  //accel.dataMode(true, 2); //enable highRes 10bit, 2g range [2g,4g,8g]

  compass = HMC5883L(); // Construct a new HMC5883 compass.

  error = compass.SetScale(1.3); // Set the scale of the compass.
  if(error != 0) // If there is an error, print it out.

  error = compass.SetMeasurementMode(Measurement_Continuous); // Set the measurement mode to Continuous
  if(error != 0) // If there is an error, print it out.


  /* hard iron offset finder
   int doneoffset =0;
   while (doneoffset ==0)
   // Should indicate with a blink right here
   int donecombo = 0;
   while ( donecombo == 0 )   // load tuning array
   delay (50);
   MagnetometerRaw  raw = compass.ReadRawAxis();
   donecombo = sixDOF.deviantSpread (raw.XAxis, raw.YAxis, raw.ZAxis);

   doneoffset = sixDOF.calOffsets();


void loop()

  // poll sensors for new data
  MagnetometerRaw raw = compass.ReadRawAxis();

  // offset compass by hard iron
  // raw.XAxis -= 40;
  // raw.YAxis -= 100;
  // raw.ZAxis -= 350;

  int x,y,z;  
  accel.readAccel(&x, &y, &z);

  //enter compass data and accel data for calculation
  sixDOF.compCompass(raw.XAxis, raw.YAxis, raw.ZAxis, x, y, z, false);

  Serial.print (sixDOF.yaw()/100);
  Serial.print (",");
  Serial.print (sixDOF.pitch()/100);      
  Serial.print (",");
  Serial.print (sixDOF.roll()/100);  
  Serial.println ("");



A youtube clip showing output (Yaw, pitch, roll) as you can see yaw is mapped to one of the other two axis (I do not remeber which side of the board is pitch and which is roll)

any ideas guys?