Nodding your head to change songs tempo


I would like to find out if it's feasible to program an Arduino to change the BPM of an MP3 song on a smartphone/computer, simply by nodding your head?

My first line of attack would be to:

  1. Program the Arduino into a metronome, and attach to the head via headband.

  2. Program the Arduino to talk to a smartphone with an MP3 tempo changer app (such as Tempo SlowMo).

I am a complete noob, please forgive me if I am not following the community's protocol. I'm here to learn and pass on my knowledge from you guys. Thank You :slight_smile:

*1. Program the Arduino into a metronome or pedometer (what would work best?), and attach to the head via headband.

Start off your learning experience by reading the how to use this forum sticky post at the start of every section here. It will teach you how to ask a question.

Next explain what you mean by program e arduino to be a metronome. You need some sort of sensor to detect you head movement. Maybe a nunchuck would be easy to do.

But you need to know what sort of input your system running your app is going to take and then if the app will take an external input. That is the bit that is going to determin if you can do this not the Ardudino side of things.

I will do.

Thanks for taking the time to reply Grumpy Mike :slight_smile: