Node ESP 8266 programming

I just got a nodeESP8266 and I wanted to program it so it could transmit data from a humidity sensor to my phone but when I tried program it the Ide never picked up the nodeESP8266 and never connected. I check the micro usb cable I am using and it works and the ESP8266 led blinks too but it will not let me program it. Does any one know how to program it from the tX and rX ports

I don't have that exact board but I do have quite a few ESP8266 based boards and never had a problem programming them.

Please tell us what exactly happens when you try to program it with the IDE:
Does the board appear under tools / port?
Have you selected the right board under tools / board? (I use generic ESP8266 module)
What error messages do you get in the IDE when you try to upload to the board?