Node MCU ESP8266 WiFi ModuleProject


I have done a small Home Automation project based on ESP8266 WiFi Module and Relay Module.
The system is working fine.

I would like to get the confirmation from the system on SMS that the sytem is On or Off.
Also, need to add buzzer or LCD display showing the WiFi Connectiity Status.

Please suggest.

Thanks & Best Regards,
Rupesh Avinash Salvi

Hi Rupesh. What do you mean by "get confirmation"? Do you mean you need this confirmation after you have sent some command or request to the esp8266? If so, how did you send that? Through a web page?

If you want to receive some indication of the on/off status which is controlled by the esp, when do you want to receive the status? Every day, hour or minute, or when the status changes?

I think it will be possible for the esp to access some web portal which can then send an SMS message. But there is likely to be a monthly or annual subscription to be paid for this service, and possibly a charge for each SMS sent. Also there will be security checks (passwords etc) required to access the service, making your code more complex. Have you considered other methods of receiving the confirmations, such as email?

If it's simple to add a buzzer or led to the esp to indicate no WiFi connectivity. You can use digitalWrite() or tone() functions in the normal way.


Thanks for our kind response.

Actually, I have connected the ESP and elay module operating thru Blink and Google assistant.

I am looking for the possibility to get the status of the equipment On/ Off.

This is basically because, If the person wanted to send command to ESP module (Connected Home WiFi Network) for Switching On the Air Condition when he is on remote location (Connected with GSM/3G/4G Network), he should get On/ Off status of the the same.

Is there any possibility to work it out using web hook or any other media.

Thanks again for your response.

Best Regards,
Rupesh Avinash Salvi

I see two options.

  1. GPRS module with SIM card connected to your ESP, through which you can send/receive messages.
  2. a service such as Twilio. I suppose there are more such platforms; I have also never used Twilio, just know of its existence. What they offer appears to be what you are looking for.

Do you mean "Blynk"?

If so, the person remotely switching on/off the Air Conditioning can see the status at any time. So I do not understand your requirement.


but, I wanted to have sms for confirmation of Status of the equipment.

Thanks for your response.

Best Regards.

Rupesh Avinash Salvi