Node MCU + OTA + MQTT + DHT11 + 4 Channel Relay.

Guys / Gals,

A little back story,

I have attempted this setup with an Esp8266 ESP-01 & an Arduino Nano.

I found that altho I could get most of the code working (Connecting to network and MQTT) I could not seem to figure out the OTA updates if I ever wanted to change a settings down the road.

So at the suggestion of others, I have migrated to a NodeMCU.

Keynote for anyone reading this who is having issues getting a nodeMCU to be recognized by your computer change your cables. I had several cables that all had micro USB only one actually worked as a USB. NOTE if it's from an old cell phone charger it most likely will not work.

Here is my question?

I have the DHT and the NODEMCU working for the most part. I also have it connected to the MQTT and seems to be working still need to sort out the incoming message aspect.

But in looking at the GPIO lists I can't seem to find 4 GPIO's that don't either rest or reboot the NODEMCU when I set them to HIGH to turn off the relays.

Any suggestions? This current setup is for tuning a couple of 12v fans on/off in a shed to help vent hot air.

Any help would be great.

the units I have are the NodeMCU 12E v3(I think)

Thanks. Mike