Node MCU webserver creation

I am working on a project in which certain sensor values(4) are measured by arduino.Now i want the sensor values to be displayed in my computer or mobile using Node MCU.But in here i have some requirements.

1.NodeMCU should be the access point(hotspot)
2.Webpage must be loaded from the nodeMCU(ie,Server must be not created on a PC or like that.)
3.It must be able to display the sensor values from my arduino

Ie i must be able to display values on my mobile by connecting to nodemcu hotspot and display the sensor values using a offline webpage created by nodemcu.
is it possible?
if it is can anyone point me to the appropriate documentation or tutorial??
Can u give me some guidance??

NB:i have moderate knowledge on arduino and stuff,but not on nodemcu.
also if u can u have to teach me how to send sensor values from arduino to nodemcu using rx,tx pin

whoa... I think I posted my thoughts on another thread, in the wrong thread...

Deleted but left this message in case anybody had seen it, then thought they had imagined it.

are the examples of the ESP8266WebServer library not good?

i didnt see one with arduino sensor readings.i need to read the arduino sensor values

i didnt see one with arduino sensor readings.i need to read the arduino sensor values

You can put whatever you want on the page that you host. for the rest see reply #2
Oh yeah, you are just putting the sensors on the nodeMCU aren't you ?

no thats the problem,I am connecting my nodemcu to arduino ,from where the sensor value should be read. I have seen reading sensors using Node mcu,But i need to read it from arduino(so thorugh serial communication probably)

But i need to read it from arduino

Why ? what is there that an Arduino can do that a nodeMCU can't ?

(so thorugh serial communication probably)

check outSerial Input Basics