Hi all,

I have just released node-webduino - A web FrontEnd for Arduino. Node-webduino will let you do real-time I/O monitoring and controlling in your browser. See on the repo for more information:

Here is a screenshot of node-webduino.

Hope you enjoy it. :slight_smile:


I have made a video to demonstrate Webduino.
Sorry, I don't know how to insert youtube video here, so please visit the link below:

Hope you enjoy it.

Maybe you should change the name of your project, because there is already a project with that name:

It seems, that you need an additional server/service locally to connect to the arduino via webbrowser.
You should make this a bit clearer in your project description, so most people would expect, that the webservice runs directly on the arduino using an ethernet shield.


Hi mkl0815,

Thanks for your suggestion.
It make sense. I have rename the project to node-webduino.

Whats the board (motor, 7 Seg Display etc) you are using in that video, is it a custom or bought one?

It's a custom made Arduino shield.

looks very cool! thanks for sharing!

I imagine quite a few people would be interested in that "learning shield".
I would add a small sounder to it though. :smiley:

Is that a battery in the top left corner?