nodemcu amica max input amps

i have a quick question? what is the maximum input amps of a nodemcu amica?

To be clear, current (Amps, milliamps) is drawn by a device rather than pushed into it, so the question could be written how much current does the machine draw?

That then depends on what functions are being used on board. The datasheet ( for example, shows in Table 4 a current draw of 170mA, but it is not clear whether GPIO pins are sourcing current. Each pin can source 12 mA and there are 20 IO pins shown in Table 2, so the math would say that's 240 mA. If that's added to the 170 mA above then 410 mA.

However, in Table 1 Average Operating Current is shown as 80 mA. The usefulness of that value is not clear to me.

The most useful thing to know really is the maximum power dissipation, that is a reflection of the amount of heating the board and components can tolerate. For example, the 20 IO pins can source 12mA each, but can the device support all 20 pins sourcing a total of 240mA - not necessarily, since the overall power dissipated may exceed the capability of the MCU or the voltage regulator. The maximum operating temperature is shown in Table 1 to be 125 degrees Celsius. It is this which is most important to keep in mind. Assuming ambient temperature of 25, allows a temperature rise of 100.

We don't have data on the derating coefficient, which would tell us how much temperature rise is caused by each Watt of dissipated power, so we can't work out how much power the whole unit draws at maximum, which means we can't directly answer the question how much current will it draw.

The question is ambiguous. Inputs are very high impedance, so, in terms of current into inputs, in is near enough to zero to be called zero.