NodeMCU application not appearing on USB map

I have a developed application running on a NODEMCU. It sends serial data and when connected directly to a seperate usb port it shows up and I can access the serial data using eg PUTTY.

I now have it connected through a usb Hub that it shares with my keyboard and a dongle for my wireless mouse.

USBDeview shows the keyboard and mouse adaptor, but not the NODE. And there is no port available to connect to it.

The device is powered and working so will be sending out serial data

Any ideas why this should not be working?

Try disconnecting the mouse dongle and connecting the NodeMCU at exactly that port. USB hubs often have a strange internal setup where they use several USB hubs to form one. Depending on the port it might be connected with only one hub in between it and the PC but on the other port it has 3 hubs in between. Depending on the operating system you use this might pose problems.

Tried it - no different.

Is your USB hub powered? I it isn't, use a powered one as the NodeMCU uses the USB power and the computer may not be able to power a hub, a keyboard, a mouse and a NodeMCU on one connector.