nodemcu COnfig window on local webserver

Dear all,

I am looking for sample code where i could able to config basic config example on local webserver.

where i could able to set wifi connectivity . set username, password,baudrate,etc.

I need UI interface local web server example for config the parameter for wifi device

So you want a WiFi accessible web server on your modemcu to configure a Web server on this nodemcu? did I get that right?

Which password are you talking about? which baud rate? Etc

Why not WiFiManager library?

Yes if this is what OP has in mind, @tzapu's WiFiManager would be a good place to start (cf Introduction to WifiManager-for-Esp8266)

My only reservation on that one is the heavy use of the String class all over (without success testing) - like why the hell convert everything to the String class in

boolean WiFiManager::autoConnect() {
  String ssid = "ESP" + String(ESP.getChipId());
  return autoConnect(ssid.c_str(), NULL);
boolean WiFiManager::startConfigPortal() {
  String ssid = "ESP" + String(ESP.getChipId());
  return startConfigPortal(ssid.c_str(), NULL);

to end with only using the underlying cString ssid.c_str()...concatenating the "ESP" string with a uint64_t does not need this....