Nodemcu+DHT22+Fan Code?

Hi i’m new in arduino and i have a little project,

I have a arduino nodemcu 8266 and a dht22 now i will controll a fan with the sensor values i find this code and edit it a little bit. 27 celsius turn on and 26 celsius turn it off… Is it ok?

 #include <dht.h> // include dht sensor library

#define dataPin 8 //DHT22 sensor signal input pin (You can change it as you want)
#define fanPin 13 // fan signal ouput pin (You can change it as you want)

dht DHT;

float t = 0;
float h = 0;

void setup() {

 pinMode(fanPin, OUTPUT); // set fan pin as output (5V) for your fan driver control (turning ON)


void loop() {

 int readData = DHT.read22(dataPin); //read temp and humidity values from dht22 sensor

 t = DHT.temperature; // name temperature as t
 h = DHT.humidity; // name humidity as h

 delay(2000); // delay for DHT22 sensor read from datasheet

 if (t >= 27.0) { // if Fahrenheit >= 80 turn fan pin ON. (80 Fahrenheit to Celsius is 26,6). (of course, there you can calculate with math functions from celsius to fahrenheit if you want ! )

   digitalWrite(fanPin, HIGH); //turn fan pin ON

 else (t <= 26.0) { // if Fahrenheit < 80 turn fan pin OFF.

   digitalWrite(fanPin, LOW); //turn fan pin OFF


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