NodeMCU ESP32S and NX4832K035 with WifiManager autoconnect

Hello everyone. I have a Nextion Display (NX4832K035) which uses UART to communicate with the NodeMCU ESP32S. I want the device to be able to connect to the internet and reconnect without asking for SSID or password, which WifiManager handles perfectly. But here's the thing, I want to be able to select which WiFi I'm gonna connect to (and input the password as well) on the Nextion screen, but still be able to use the autoconnect function of the WifiManager library. I couldn't find a way to handle this, I know ESP32 has an EEPROM but really don't know how it works. Is there an easy way of doing this, like a library, or is there anyone who tried out doing this before? I'd appriciate some guidance in this topic really. I don't know if I picked the correct place to post this question, thanks in advance. I know this is related to ESP32, don't know if you guys allow non Arduino related questions on the forum. Sorry if there's a rule about that somewhere.

Nextion NX4832K035
NodeMCU ESP32S V1.1

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