NodeMcu ESP8266 and Arduino Uno ide(s)


I've been having a bit of a play with a NodeMcu ESP8266 and have eventually got the thing to work, so far using just the serial monitor to prove I'm on the right track.
One of the problems i had was getting and setting the correct values within the Arduino ide 'tools' for the NodeMcu ESP8266 which had been set up for an Arduino Uno.
However its necessary to change the settings depending upon the device I'm working on (NodeMcu ESP8266 or Aduino Uno)

I was wondering as the Arduino ide 'tools' settings are different for a Arduino Uno and a NodeMcu ESP8266 is there a way to open a version of the ide that has the relevant settings for the device being worked on in place.
I'm assuming that will need two separate installations of the Arduino ide (or am i wrong).
If i have separate installations will i have any problems with shared folders, files, librarys etc

Any advice gratefully received

You can configure the Arduino IDE to run in portable mode by creating a folder named portable in the Arduino IDE installation folder. That would allow you to have one set for Uno and another set for ESP8266.

More info:

I believe you could also do it with a single IDE installation by using the Arduino IDE CLI:

thanks for the reply, the portable install looks quite doable/easy and I'll give that a go. The second suggestion I'll have to do a bit reading, is not immediately obvious how its working.
again thanks