nodemcu esp8266 i2c problem "wtd reset" && i2c boards are not working BMP280

I buy Node mcu ESP8266. When I connect my I2C boards like BMP280 and ccs811…It did not work out.
No data is received. when I run I2C address finder code…it did not find anything.

I try all the tutorials and library modification like-- changing Wire.beging(SDA, SCL); etc and also the library "comment the wire.begin();.

Plz solved this with a working Code.Like BMP280 sample code. All the tutorials are doing without any problem but when I try to follow it messed up.

N.B. Maybe I found the problem…not sure but…it says the The Nodemcu esp8266 automatically reset by “watch dog” and they use Ticke.h library to fix it but I could not done That.

I am in a bad situation. Hope someone will help me.

bmp280test.ino (1.64 KB)

add Wire.begin() to setup()