NodeMCU(ESP8266) web server question SOLVED

Hi guys,

I am trying to use "nodeMCU" with a battery. But it has a very high current drain. My battery is "2600mAh", which should hold for 26 hours under maximum current drain, I need it to last much longer.

Is there a way to program the nodeMCU to check for an input from the web server every 5 sec and then go to deep sleep? The server must accept the user input and store it until the "nodeMCU" can use it. I understand this means the server will not be on the "nodeMCU". I understand the "RST" pin enables the MCU when it goes low which restarts the MCU? The idea is simple, I must program it to check a web server uploaded on some host and if a value of the button has changed, do something.

Can you give an example of the programming or some more instructions please? How to read from a different web server and etc.?

Unfortunately I will have to use the "AP mode". I need to know how to identify a client in the "AP mode"? If possible by "MAC address".

The workstation will not be used and an AP mode with a server on the "nodMCU" itself will be used.

The solution is: use "wifi_softap_get_station_num()" to return the number of clients connected.


Either with "RFID" or another thing will wake up the MCU.