NodeMCU Ethernet or Large memory chip with ethernet

Hi all
Im making a LED project, I started on a nano, but quickly ran out of space
(Ethernet + MQTT + FastLED)
So I thought id move to a spare NodeMCU I had lying around, as it has lots of space

But im having some problems getting my ethernet shield working on it
Deek Robot Nano ethernet shield
Iv tried a few things, but it either says error connecting to network or just uses the wifi onboard

Does anyone either
A) Have any good advice for getting a ethernet shield working on a nodemcu
B) Know a good cheap arduino with ethernet, that has plenty of memory

I want it to be as cheap as possible, as ill be eventually making quite a few of these.

As cheap as possible? Ditch that Ethernet shield and use the NodeMCU's built-in WiFi. I don't see the point of using an Ethernet connection when you have WiFi built in.

I don't know if you can get that Ethernet shield to work with a NodeMCU. For starters you should provide more info about it, such as a link to the actual product and/or its data sheet. That'll explain a lot.

I use the wifi for other projects, the problem is where im putting some of these led strips, the wifi isnt the strongest, but I can easily wire ethernet there.

Im not sure of the exact datasheets as I got them a while ago from ali express.
But i think this is the NodeMCU
and this is the ethernet shield

Im not sure of the exact datasheets as I got them a while ago from ali express.
But i think this is the NodeMCU
NodeMCU 0.9 (ESP-12 Module) — PlatformIO 5.2.0a5 documentation
and this is the ethernet shield

and what is the problem to wire NodeMCU to the shield over SPI?
use D1 as CS. D8 must be LOW at boot and the shield maybe pulls it HIGH (I used W5500 module)

Iv wired up the spi pins to the shield, but when i call the ethernet in code it uses the onboard wifi.
Im not sure if its the library im using, or if I need to disable the wifi somewhere?

Although im using D8 as CS
As thats what the pinout I found showed?
Does D1 also work?


and of course use UIPEthernet library.
and esp8266 Arduino core 2.4.2 (or latest git)

you can use D8 if the board boots with it

btw: OTA (OTEthernet) is possible over UIPEthernet