NodeMcu Firebase Json get data

Hey Guys,
I am new to programming with Firebase and Arduino. So please forgive me my stupid question, but hopefully you can help me.

I wanted to create a project with my Swift App which creates data and stores them in my Firebase Realtime Database. This is working fine and now I want to get this data to my NodeMcu in Json format.
But I don't know which command I have to use for downloading the database to my MCU. It is a variable Array which has to be checked every time it gets downloaded.
Attached is my database.
Also I want to print it on my serial monitor.

I am using the FirebaseArduino and the ArduinoJson library
I have connection to my Firebase Project and can write to it and get values from it (but only if I specify the path)

Thank you very much for your help

database screenshot.png

database screenshot.png

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