NodeMCU got reset message when uploading data to firebase

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to connect my nodeMCU with firebase database to send data in real-time but instead i got this message.

Soft WDT reset

ctx: cont 
sp: 3fff08a0 end: 3fff0ec0 offset: 01b0

3fff0a50:  4020493d 3fff4e04 3ffe8ca0 00000000  
3fff0a60:  00000006 0000004d 40204438 00000000  
3fff0a70:  0000005a 00000218 00000000 401004d8  
3fff0a80:  00000072 3fff9eec 00000000 40219714  
3fff0a90:  00000000 00000000 00000000 402153b6  
3fff0aa0:  fffffffc 3fff9eec 00000000 00000030  
3fff0ab0:  5acea5e2 300cf82b 22981561 00000218  
3fff0ac0:  00000000 3fff971c 00000000 4021623e  
3fff0ad0:  00000000 00000072 00000000 00000072  
3fff0ae0:  3fff9eec 00000000 00000001 a1551920  
3fff0af0:  00000072 00000000 1422c3eb 00000000  
3fff0b00:  3ffefe48 00000742 00000742 00000000  
3fff0b10:  00000072 00000072 3fff47d4 4020485e  
3fff0b20:  3fff9eec efcdab89 98badcfe 00000000  
3fff0b30:  3fff9eec 00000072 3fff47d4 00000000  
3fff0b40:  3fff9eec 00000072 3fff47d4 40204904  
3fff0b50:  00000072 8860cb74 3fff47d4 402051a8  
3fff0b60:  00000000 3fff8154 00000072 4021b2dc  
3fff0b70:  3fff12e8 00000000 00000000 40219714  
3fff0b80:  0000006d 00000016 3fff971c 40219102  
3fff0b90:  0051054b 00000000 00000000 00000038  
3fff0ba0:  0000006d 3fff9ef1 3fff8154 4021c3b0  
3fff0bb0:  00000021 3fff9f24 3fff8154 401004d8  
3fff0bc0:  00000001 3fff2a84 3fff8154 00000000  
3fff0bd0:  00000000 3fff2a84 3fff8154 4021c462  
3fff0be0:  3fff5f1c 3fff4e24 3fff5f1c 4020c3ea  
3fff0bf0:  3fff4934 3fff5efc 3fff4934 3fff5f1c  
3fff0c00:  3fff4e24 3fff5efc 3fff4934 40205458  
3fff0c10:  3fff4934 00000000 3fff47d4 4020474a  
3fff0c20:  3fff47d4 00001388 3fff6258 3fff5ef0  
3fff0c30:  000001bb 3fff4934 3fff4e24 3fff5ef0  
3fff0c40:  000001bb 3fff4934 3fff4e24 40205605  
3fff0c50:  3ffe92a0 5561c923 3ffe92a0 5561c923  
3fff0c60:  3fff4864 00000000 3fff486c 40207868  
3fff0c70:  00000000 0000020b 0000020b 40209414  
3fff0c80:  fffffffd 00000001 3fff486c 40208060  
3fff0c90:  3ffe903c 00000039 3ffe8dd7 40205d17  
3fff0ca0:  3fff244c 3fff0d10 3fff4864 40205d70  
3fff0cb0:  3fff2458 00000000 00000000 3ffe8dd4  
3fff0cc0:  3fff4864 3fff0cf0 3ffe8dd4 3ffe8dd4  
3fff0cd0:  3fff4864 3ffefbf8 3fff0db0 40206c76  
3fff0ce0:  3ffefbd8 3ffefbf8 3fff0db0 4020586d  
3fff0cf0:  3fff2458 3ffe8a48 3ffe8a3c 00000003  
3fff0d00:  4024020b 3ffe8a48 3ffe8a3c 00000003  
3fff0d10:  3fff48f0 00000000 3fff0dd4 00000001  
3fff0d20:  00000000 3fff0dec 3fff0dc0 3ffefbd4  
3fff0d30:  3fff0de8 00000000 40206c60 40209414  
3fff0d40:  3fff0d84 efeffefe efeffefe 3fff0dec  
3fff0d50:  3fff0de8 3fff0d70 3fff0db0 40205b47  
3fff0d60:  3fff0d70 00000000 3fff0db0 40206973  
3fff0d70:  3fff4864 3fff8d24 3fff0dd4 3fff0e30  
3fff0d80:  3ffefbd4 3ffefbd8 3fff8cbc 40205d58  
3fff0d90:  3fff0df0 3fff266c 3fff2744 3fff0e30  
3fff0da0:  3fff0de0 3fff0dd4 3ffefbd4 40206a4c  
3fff0db0:  3ffe8e60 3fff4864 3fff8d24 00000000  
3fff0dc0:  3ffefbf8 3ffefbf8 00000000 00000000  
3fff0dd0:  00000010 3fff8cbc 0000000f 00000001  
3fff0de0:  3fff4864 3fff8d24 3fff5ef0 3fff8ce0  
3fff0df0:  3ffefe48 00000f19 3fff0e30 40208b3d  
3fff0e00:  3fff0e3c 3ffefba0 3fff0e30 40208b8a  
3fff0e10:  3ffe8ac0 00ffffff 0101a8c0 3ffefe94  
3fff0e20:  00000004 00000000 3ffefbd4 402036ed  
3fff0e30:  3fff2744 0000000f 00000005 00000004  
3fff0e40:  00000000 00000000 bf7b3ef8 ffffffff  
3fff0e50:  fb11346b c00c5ed8 94c24971 c0438975  
3fff0e60:  63212c6d bfc844c4 b5bd8ea8 bffb9a61  
3fff0e70:  00000000 c00258a4 00000000 bfae6000  
3fff0e80:  ac6cc9be c03767ea bcde88ba c00cbfe9  
3fff0e90:  00000000 00000000 00000001 3ffefe94  
3fff0ea0:  3fffdad0 00000000 3ffefe8c 40209684  
3fff0eb0:  feefeffe feefeffe 3ffefea0 40100710  

 ets Jan  8 2013,rst cause:2, boot mode:(1,7)

 ets Jan  8 2013,rst cause:4, boot mode:(1,7)

wdt reset

i did research on the reset and followed instruction to instal library for exception handler but did not working.

I am using NodeMCU esp8266. ArduinoIDE v1.8.9, sensor : MPU6050.

here is my code :

#define FIREBASE_HOST "----"
#define FIREBASE_AUTH "----"
#define WIFI_SSID "----"
#define WIFI_PASSWORD "----
void setup() {
  pinMode(led, OUTPUT);
  digitalWrite(led, HIGH);
void loop() {
  // connect to wifi.
  while (WiFi.status() != WL_CONNECTED) {
  Serial.print("connected: ");

  Firebase.set("GRAPH", 0);
  Firebase.set("PWM", 0);
  Firebase.set("MMI", 0);
  Firebase.set("RICHTER", 0);

  Ax = (double)accX/AccelScaleFactor;
  Ay = (double)accY/AccelScaleFactor;
  Az = (double)accZ/AccelScaleFactor;
  R =  sqrt((Ax*Ax)+(Ay*Ay)+(Az*Az));
  PGA = R - 0.95;
  Firebase.setFloat("GRAPH", PGA);

The soft WDT resets when you don’t call the yield() function for over 3 seconds. The yield function is called automatically:

  • every time the loop repeats
  • every time you use delay
  • within blocking functions of the Core libraries and well-written third-party libraries.

You don’t have any (infinite) loops that could take more than 3 seconds to complete in the code you posted, so there are three possibilities:

  • You didn’t post all of your code (you don’t have a setup, and there’s no closing bracket for your loop function), and there’s an infinite loop or another problem in the part you didn’t post.
  • You didn’t follow the correct API of the Firebase library, causing it to crash.
  • There is a bug in the Firebase library.

Also, you might want to edit your post and leave out your credentials.