NodeMCU + HX711 + Load Cell

Hello everyone, everything good?

I need some help;

At one time I got a load cell of 5kg + hx711 + nodemcu and it worked with some variations, but so far so good.

So I decided to pick up a load cell with a larger capacity (200kg), but it is not working, follow the attachment 1 the load cell on hx711.

and in the nodemcu I connected the DT on port D6 (GPIO 12) and SCK on port D7 (GPIO 13), as attachment 2;

Could someone give me a light on this?

OBS: I have 3 of those of 200kg, none of them are working.


Did you connect the load cell according to it’s datasheet.
Not all load cells use the same colour scheme.

Measure Excitation voltage with a DMM between E-(ground) and E+
The voltages on A- and A+ should be exactly half of the voltage on E+
Voltage between A- and A- should be about zero (< 20mV).

Did you use a special HX711 board for a 3.3volt Arduino.
It should have separate VDD (3.3volt) and VCC (5volt) supplies.

If not, the excitation voltage is less than the designed ~4.25volt, and the weight/result becomes unstable.