Nodemcu modbus rs485 without rx and tx

Hello i got the trust in continuing a project with another web sending method but the wiring pretty much the same! As you all know you cant just open the node and download the code so i had to rewrite the code from scratch. But its using 2 modbusses and im pretty new to modbus. The thing is that one of them that reads sensor values from an rs485 isnt connected to either tx or rx (they are connected to D5 and D6) how did he do it and most important how should i do it? The other one is a arduino pro mini with mfrc and that one is connected to only one wire (D7). That one atleast is a tx but shouldnt that need 2 wires too? Thanks in advance



You can use any pin to pass serial data

Thank you very much sir. Although i really dont quite get how to read the values from the sensor. When i use the read method in espserial i dont get an answer!