NodeMCU or Ethernet Shield - Home Automation

I am planning a home automation and need some suggestions.

I planned to separate each room wiring and connect with arduino so that I can control AC/Fan/lights etc and automate it using different sensors. However if I install multiple NodeMCU or Ethernet shield than how can I control it with single app.

Considering number of switches which would be 5 approx in each room x 8 rooms = 40 switches.

Which option would be better? NodeMCU or Ethernet shield.

As wrings are not planned therefore I am at liberty to do anything, cost is also not a problem.

Awaiting suggestions.

Wireless is easier, saves you dealing with all the wiring.

Just have your app communicate with all the boards individually. Just like you would have to do if they're all nodes on a wired network, no real difference there. That's the beauty of IP networking: the actual connection and how it's routed is irrelevant to the working of the protocol.