NodeMCU sensor DS18B20

Hi all.

I am developing a project with the NodeMCU board that records temperatures, uses two DS18B20 sensors (the sensor is powered through the VDD pin). I plan to supply the NodeMCU 5V board (one eliminator) on the Pin Vin, and feed the sensors with the 3.3V pin, the DQ goes to D2 with a resistance of 4.7k for the VPU.

My doubts are the following:

How much current can I provide a NodeMCU to work well with the sensors.
The 3.3V pin how much current does it supply?
It's a good practice in how to implement my circuit.

I do not intend to use batteries

This little masterpiece has it all. No need to reinvent the wheel. The DS18B20 runs on practically nothing.