nodemcu usb port damage

Hey all i unknowingly have broken my nodemcu micro usb port is there any way to replace it???or anyalternative to program ny nodemcu

Thanks in advance

Explain exactly what you mean by "broken my nodemcu micro usb port".

By the way. The Arduino forum is an appropriate place to ask this question but the esp8266/Arduino bug tracker was definitely not.

Most likely he ripped the connector off. MicroUSB connectors were designed to have a small hole in a plastic housing that they'd be mounted in, so that that would keep them from getting ripped off. But a bare PCB doesn't have that, and it's really easy to rip them off. Unfortunately, this usually lifts up traces, so you'd be in for some tough rework to make it work. NodeMCU boards are cheaper than a cup of coffee (okay, a cup of fancy coffee), I don't think it's worth trying to save it.