NodeMCU v3 5Volt issue resolved, however!?

Hi all,
Pretty new to Arduino, but know enough to hack it. I was having trouble triggering a 5V Dual Mosfet relay with 3.3v coming out pin D1/5 on the NodeMCU, after some research, I found conflicting information about being able to use VV/Vusb because in the pin out data, it's marked "reserved" and the compiler did not allow me to use it as an I/O. After considering several options, all of which required components I don't have, I thought to try something and it worked, however, I'm not sure if it's a good Idea long term. I'm not sure of exactly how much power the trigger draws, but the timer it's self and the load are powered separately. What I did was connect the VV into the + of the trigger, and than the ground to pin D1/ it triggers my timer fine, however, when the pin is in a LOW state, it's still reading about 1.5V, I'm thinking that's the 5v from the USB minus the voltage regulator?
Can anyone see a problem with this? do I risk frying something in the long term?

Thanks in advance

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