NodeMCU V3 can not recognized

Hi all, I have NodeMCU version 3 and I install all requirements to be used in Arduino IDE, when I install the driver for it, the port number can not be shown
I change the driver .exe but also the same problem, also I change the cable. This is the issues

Hi @mo7ammed-saleh. Are you certain your NodeMCU board uses the CH340 USB chip? Although the CH340 is the most common, there are a couple other USB chips that might be used on a board and they have their own drivers. The one you installed will only help if your board has the CH340.

You should be able to visually identify it by looking at your board. The CH340 looks like this:

Your screenshot shows a successful install of the CH340 driver.

Is your cable a charge-only cable that does not have the data wires? If you use the same cable with a phone, can you download eg. picture from the phone?

I have Ch340 chip and I download the required driver for it and it did not work with me

I used a charge cable but when my colleague try it, it work with him

A charge-only cable will not work as it does not have the data wires. But if it's working on your colleague's computer with the same cable, it's not a charge-only cable.

You'll have to dig a little through Windows device manager

  1. Do any new entries show somewhere when you connect the board? E.g. under ports or other devices.
  2. If yes, right cluck, select properties, details tab (if not mistaken) and select hardware ids; report the VID/PID information here.
  3. If no, I'm not sure what is going on.


this is the hardware details

So installing the CH340 driver will not solve your problem at your nodeMcu uses the FT232; @in0 was on the right track :wink: Does Windows report a problem with the device in the device manager (e.g. yellow exclamation marks) ?

Are you sure that you picked the correct device as you stated that your board has the CH340.


This is the port when I plug the NodeMCU

I solved using this link FT232R USB UART Driver | USB Driver

Thanks Bro

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