Nodemcu with Modbus device

I have modbus RTU device . I would like to connect The RS485 A & B output to nodemcu RX2 & tX2 line.

I have tested my code with tx & rx line tapped directly to MCU and Nodemcu.

Now it would be like modbus A & B Directly connected to Nodemcu. i am looking for interface circuit

between Modbus RTU & nodemcu. so i can test the protocol directly.

Can someone suggest me the circuit .

A& B voltage level are 5v-9v using ADM2483
Nodemcu voltage level is 3.3 TTL .

Google 'MAX3485'.

I have attached some circuit here, Weather DO & D1 should be connected as application.

Weather Levelshifter circuit is needed

My voltage s 9v from A &B from output . weather this circuit will work>>

Google 'MAX3485'.

at modbus device we are already using ADM2483. Now using same circuit wont resolve issue??

case 1:
where you can tap Directly TX & RX line of modbus unit controller to TX and Rx of Nodemcu. Where u send package in modbus format.

case 2:

device is working on MODBUS RTU . which gives A & B output i.e 5v to 9V . Should be connected to Tx & Rx line of node mcu How it should be connected. weather circuit attached it will work???

The accuracy of your drawing attached to post #2 and your description is lacking. (your drawing shows lots of things shorted together and A&B are not 5V and 9V amongst other issues).

MOdbus A&B ony connect to Modbus A&B pins, never directly to a chip. A&B are not TX/RX lines. So connect the MCU to TX/RX Di/Ro and A&B to A&B.